Friday, August 30, 2013

Day One

After having suffered through vulvar vestibulitis for about 5 and a half years, at 24 years old I decided to go ahead and proceed with the vestibulectomy. I found an excellent and extremely competent doctor in Dr. Andrew Goldstein, who I went to in NYC. Ive read varying opinions on him but my experience with him was nothing but postitive. Let me first back up and give a brief backstory on my condition which led me to where I am now.
At 18, I lost my virginity and about 3 months later after attempting sex like usual, I was hit with an excruciating pain unlike anything I had ever felt. I must add I was getting over a yeast infection at the time although according to Dr Goldstein his best guess is that I was born with too many nerve endings and that had nothing to do with it. I was unable to even attempt sex for about a year after that, wherein I saw my normal gyno who basically told me I was crazy and making it up. That was a real FUN experience. I knew I wasn't crazy though and found another doctor who although, very nice, gave me various treatments over years that mainly were meant to provide me with relief, including lidocaine, antidepressants, estrogen cream, muscle relaxers, steroid ointments and I also saw various acupuncturists, physical therapists with biofeedback, sex therapist, and a psychologist. I also did an EMG test and MRIS, cat scans, to see If anything could be amiss that was causing all this horrible pain.
I met Dr. Goldstein about a year ago where he discovered through a blood test that I had extremely low estrogen which could cause the vulvar vestibulitis. I tried the cream for a few months which only irritated it and did nothing. In my plenty of experience with various creams and ointments over the years, it was something I never saw the point of although I diligently did it. It is obviously a wet area down there and the cream easily comes off as u try to put it on, and putting it on yourself is no easy task especially when I feel mostly internal pain. I went back several months later where he suggested either the capsacin treatment which consists of capsacin pepper on your cooch where I am told it feels like a blowtorch for about 20 minutes. His best theory is that I was born like this, so actually I would not be able to tolerate it and after 5 and a half years of such emotional heartache, nonstop stress, utter helplessness, depression, and of course devastating pain the surgery was the best way to go for me. He is truly an expert on this subject and enlightened me so much about my condition, even after all these years living with it.This has been one hell of a struggle in my life and if I can help anyone get through this, then that would be great. Reading other womens blogs helped me feel less alone so I wanted to return the favor and contribute.
I did the surgery today and decided to start this blog for those who are thinking of surgery or just want some advice.I know how awful and hard it can be; you have to be a very strong person to go through this and it is very difficult when people really don't understand unless you are going through it. I want to lead a satisfying and healthy life, and this is hopefully on the road to where I ultimately want to be.
Dr. Goldstein was extremely caring and just very sincere throughout this whole process. I did the surgery at about 730 this morning and after peeing, I was released to go home. I live in Jersey so I was home by 11 and just went up one flight of stairs with the help of my parents and keeping my thighs together as best I could while going up backwards. Do not be afraid of this surgery!!! I have been in no pain because I have been diligent with the painkillers and icing it nonstop. Thank god for Netflix so I have just been shacked up watching Breaking Bad. I will blog throughout this process and I really hope this helps those who are on the fence or debating this. If anyone has any questions at all or needs any help, please feel free to contact me.